Create a home that reflects you in the best way possible.

What does that look like to you? Think of those things that bring you joy. Perhaps you can pick one thing -  a photo, some art, an object - that you particularly treasure and let it inspire you! It is usually the small things that pull your space together and add personality.


A successful kitchen or bathroom remodel, home renovation or decorating project begins with good design.  Developing a plan that “reflects you” ultimately determines how satisfied you will be with the end result. 


Getting expert assistance and advice in the early stages is a must. Combining textures, finishes and colours to create a cohesive look requires an understanding of undertones and the impact they have.     

Charlene can work with you to explore a look that fits your home, lifestyle and budget. 




I am a True Colour Expert TM and Interior Design Consultant with experience in residential construction and renovation.  My area of expertise lies in my ability to bring peoples’ vision for their space into focus. I excel in the process of pulling all the elements together and believe that a collaborative effort makes the end result that much better. 


Allowing me to consult with you on your project, large or small, streamlines the process and ensures that your end result is the absolute best it can be.


Go to my                   page and let me know how I might assist you!