The beginning of an idea or concept for one's space is usually born out of a need to change it, to have it work more efficiently or to update it for purposes of function and/or form.  There is such a myriad of information and endless visual rapture available online, finding inspiration isn't hard.  The challenge is to corral all that overload into ideas and concepts that can be used in your own space and designed to accommodate your specific project/s.

I have been assisting people with these challenges for over 18+ years.  As an experienced renovator and project coordinator I am able to direct you to the right choices for your project - in keeping with your style and budget.  As a True Colour Expert I ensure that your finish choices and design direction remain cohesive and harmonious.


Go crazy.  Have fun finding all the photos that reflect your desires.  Download information until you just can't find anything more to love and inspire you.  Then give me a call, together we can zero in on what needs to get done and how best to accomplish it.  I welcome the opportunity to walk through the process, and the adventure, of your design project with you!

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